Mykonos Greece, 2003

Mykonos is well worth a visit, though I'd avoid going any time after the beginning of June, since it has become the playground of not only the jetset (which has been the case since the 70's) but also of the newly wealthy kids of Athens.

The island consists basically of three main activities. Firstly, hanging out in the hora (town) at night and in the morning for breakfast, secondly, taking the (bus,scooter,car) to the boats and then onto the beaches and parties at those beaches or thirdly, if you don't want to either of the above, rent a nice villa with a bunch of friends and hang out there.

It has a very mixed gay/straight vibe and everybrand who is any brand (CK, Donna Karen, Movado, you get the idea) has a shop there. It's a fun, pricey (for Greece) place with lots of people to meet and a hustle and bustle that still has charm.

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